Why We Stand Out Among the Rest


We are CPO - Certified Pool Operators with the State of Florida and we are fully insured!


So many times we pick up new clients because their former pool service, "never showed up"!  Not us!  We are there EVERY WEEK!  If, for any reason (weather, sickness, etc.) our schedule has to be changed, we update our Facebook page so that our customers are aware of any changes.  We will also make up the service a different day that same week.  If you take a look at our Facebook page, this seldom happens.

We build relationships with our customers so that they KNOW the personwho is coming to their home.

We Clean Each Pool As If It Were Our Own

We've had so many customers take time out of their day just to call us and tell us what a wonderful job our technicians are doing and how they "put the extra effort into it".  


Although our technicians are trained, experienced and have an abundance of pool knowledge, we do not know everything and we are not ashamed to say so! There are so many different systems; models & manufacturers, we do not claim to know everything about every single one.  If we do come across a system that we are not familiar with, we contact our rep for that manufacturer & get all of the specific operating information we need to service that particular equipment correctly.